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3 Reasons Why Best Friends Make the Worst Roommates

If someone wants to move out of their parent’s house, their dorm room or their current living situation, then they may be tempted to go in with their best friend in New York City. Because the living cost is high NYC.  After all, you and your best friend get along well with each other. Who better to get in with? Unfortunately, sometimes your best friends make the worst roommates.

They Think You Should Share

As best friends, you may share certain things. However, since you don’t live together, your friend may have limited access to your stuff. If you move into together, they’re able to access your room whenever they want and “borrow” your belongings, whether you want to share, or not. How likely would you be to argue with your best friend about borrowing your stuff?

They Think They Can Get Away with More

Living with your best friend means living with someone you already have a relationship with. This means they believe they should be able to get away with more living with you; then they would meet with another roommate.

That means your roommate may think they can entertain people late at night, blast their radio early in the morning or leave a mess in the kitchen. Would you be able to tell your friend that they needed to clean up their mess and take responsibility for their actions?

They Believe You Should Help Them

If you live with your best friend, you probably decided on how to split the cost of your living expenses. If you have a random stranger for a roommate and they could not pay, you would not hesitate to kick them out, after all, why should you pay their way. However, your best friend may believe that you should help them if they suddenly lose their job and need some extra money.

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While you may be willing to help for a month or two, how long are you prepared to pay your friends way? Are you ready to evict your friend if they can’t pay their bills after you’ve tried to help them out?

These are just a few of the things you should consider before moving in with your best friend. For some people it works out, for others, it can lead to the end of a great friendship.