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The Difference Between Commercial Wallcovering and Wallpaper

What you put on the wall is something that will resonate with everyone that walks around.

You don’t want to make a mistake here as it is going to take away from the room in the end. If that is something you’re aware of, it is time to look at what it takes to find the right wallcovering, Wallscape Inc, in the first place. Too many people make mistakes that are unnecessary.

Here are the things that are going to matter the most as you figure out what to put on the wall as cover.

1) Understand Theme of Property

What is the theme of your property? This is a major mistake made by people, and it is one you’re not going to want to make. Look at going with the right theme as that is going to make you happy in the long-run. You want to ensure everything syncs with the wallcovering rather than having it stand out like a sore thumb.

2) Minimalism Is Efficient

The modern trends are moving towards minimalism with wallcovering. You have to go with the adage; less is more in this regard.

Don’t overdo it. The wallcovering is a part of the room, not the entire room itself!

Types of Wallpaper

1) Textile

The first type of wallpaper in this wallcovering buyers guide would be textile. There are many textures on offer so you can sift through options. The natural fibers include cotton and linen, which is ideal as you aim to find the right fit.

Textile tends to be easier to hang.

2) Vinyl

This is the front-runner for most people and the one they resort to.


Well, it has to do with aesthetics, durability, and affordability. You are getting an excellent package with vinyl. It resists moisture and can remain in place for as long as you want without needing maintenance. It works with most surfaces including those with bumps.

This works well with granite finishing.

3) Paper

This is an option most don’t look at, but it has to be mentioned nonetheless. A paper wallpaper has no backing and is a simple stick-on option in the short-term. It shouldn’t be used in the long-term.

4) Hard-Screened

Made from silk screens, you’re looking at one of the more expensive wallcovering options on the market right now.

It takes the time to put together because of the unique patterns, but the finishing is often exquisite. It will often look better than other options.

5) Foiled & Flocked

The final type you can put on the wall will come in the shape of “Foiled & Flocked, ” and it is a good option. It is fancier than some of the other options as you use options such as cut velvet. It works well for powder rooms where a bit of color can resonate with the eye.

These are the details you need to consider with this wallcovering buyers guide as you make a selection. This information is going to breathe life into your property, and that is what matters.