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An Alternative Approach to Note Taking at Conferences

The popularity of digital recording has increased dramatically over the past few years, but little do people know about the true potential of this form of facilitation.  While graphic facilitation is often used for animation videos, the use of this tool in companies is only beginning to be considered.  This article will examine this issue and provide information on the different reasons why a person would use a digital graphic recorder to improve your conference presentation.

1. Recording Conversations

By using a graphic recording in business meetings, conference sessions, or even speak festivals, it is possible to record audience engagement.  In previous years, it would be necessary to use the services of a reporter to record the audiovisual presentation.  However, it is now possible to focus on the audience instead of focusing on taking notes. In addition to this benefit, it is also possible to communicate the outcomes of the session to the people who were not available or involved. check this fb page.

2. Communicating Key Messages

The typical means of communication for many people in the online era is through emails and word documents.  Yet, statistics have indicated that only 20% of the population are benefiting from this method and continue to operate effectively using textual techniques.  It was found that the remaining 80% would be more open to the use of visual models, such as comics or PowerPoint techniques.

By using the digital graphic recorder, it is possible to connect with the 80% of these individuals.  This is due to the fact that this graphic record can facilitate visual documents, interpreting them effectively and sharing the messages in a visual manner.  Furthermore, the graphic recorder is able to interpret the documents to a textual format connecting with the 20% population as well.

3. Rapid Prototyping And Modelling

The business of developing companies or new products can be a stressful one due to the need for creating items.  By using the graphic record, it is possible to increase the speed of the prototyping sessions.  Ideas are thrown into the mix and the team is able to rapidly capture all the information or ideas shared by the individuals.  This means that everything is stored and the process is accelerated with the team leaving the meetings with models and pictures instead of notes which need to be translated.

4. Workshops

Workshops are typically delivered and run with an output being highly intangible.  The procedure of an average workshop is individuals meeting for several days, and then returning to their work environment with no more work to be done by the organization.  By implementing the use of a graphic recorder, it is possible to create a visual journey and memorize the information shared at the workshop.  The visual information can be stored and translated into a beneficial booklet for the individuals to take away with them benefitting their organizations.

The use of a graphic recorder is beneficial for visual interpretation of documents and presentations.  By using this is a business, it is possible to increase productivity, overcome obstacles in communication, and make the business more profitable overall.