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Bail Conditions: What You Need To Know

When it comes to bail, there’s a lot that individual defendants need to know. While bond allows them to remain free of jail in between that initial hearing and the end of the actual trial, bail almost always comes with additional conditions that must be met for that individual to remain free. There are some exceptions for bail bonds Elizabeth NJ, but it is up to the defendant to understand where he or she stands and to act accordingly.


Release on Personal Recognizance
This is the best case scenario in most cases and happens when a judge decides that the only facing charges has strong community ties, plenty of reasons for staying, and is very unlikely to be a flight risk. In these situations, the individual gives a written promise to appear. Sometimes they are advised individually against travel and sometimes not, but anytime someone is on bail they should not be traveling out of state.

Conditional Bail Releases
The far majority of releases for bail are limited in nature. As the name indicates, in these cases one or all of the following conditions may apply for the freed individual to stay on the safe side of the law. Violation of any of the set terms will result in bail being revoked and that person being brought to jail to await trial.

What are some standard conditions?
– Must maintain active employment or be seeking active employment
– Be enrolled in an educational, training, or rehabilitation program
– Follow all travel restrictions and orders
– Surrender passport and possibly driver’s license
– Electronic tether to monitor movement
– Avoid contact with anyone involved in the case
– Regular check-ins with the police or court appointed officer
– Give up all weapons
– Refrain from drugs and alcohol
– Follow curfew

This isn’t a complete list by any stretch, but it does give an idea of what type of terms can be expected for any bail situation.